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Web analytics
How can you Increase your Website’s Effectiveness?

Date : Wednesday April 16, 2008
Lieu : Centre Mont-Royal *(limited seating)
The goal of Web analytics is to improve your online performance by studying website visitor behaviour. A range of statistical analysis tools, like Google Analytics, now make it possible to obtain a wealth of information about a website’s effectiveness: visitor origin, type of browser used, bounce rate, entry and exit pages, average time spent on the site.

How can you make sure that your Web analysis is up to par? What are the basic tenets of Web analytics? What are the tools out there, and how can you use them to maximize your company’s profits?

This conference will equip you to make Web analytics a continuous improvement process within your company.

Detailed program:


How can you measure the success of you Web services?

Jacques Warren
WAO Marketing

The Web’s main advantage is that everything is quantifiable. Analyzing the traffic on your Website is a determining factor when it comes to assessing performance. But what exactly should you measure, where do you start, and why does it matter?

What are the key roles of Web analytics? Why did surfers visit your Web site? What were they looking for? Did they find it? What are the existing performance indicators and how can you use this information to optimize campaign effectiveness?

Jacques Warren will cover the main issues linked to Web analytics, and present available tools while explaining how to set up an effective measuring program. He will also analyze the impact of Web analytics on interactive marketing culture and the shift toward a fact-based approach.


Tools for setting up your Web analytics program

Stéphane Hamel

Once you have pinpointed specific indicators, you have to use them shrewdly to make relevant business decisions. What are the steps for setting up a Web analytics system for your business? What internal resources and procedures are required? How can you convey how important it is and sell your project?

Stéphane Hamel, a well-known Web analytics consultant, will explain the requisite steps for a successful Web analytics program. He will give you the keys to make Web analytics drive continuous improvement within your business.

VIA Rail and RDS: businesses that know how to make figures speak volumes
André Bélanger
Vice-president, strategy and creation


Benoît Laporte
Chef du marketing électronique

VIA Rail Canada


Raymond Duguay
Senior Head of Research and Planning


You’ve got the tools, they are configured properly, and you have the right people to do the analysis. This is when the fun begins and where the marketing team comes in. How can you get the figures to tell you what you need to know? How can you use them to improve user experience and website effectiveness? More specifically, which pitfalls must you avoid?


Next Gen Web analytics

Avinash Kaushik
Author, Blogger, Analytics Evangelist

Noted authority Avanish Kaushik will reveal his predictions on the future of Web analytics. He will share his views on the failure of conventional measurement tools and present the next generation of tools that will give you an edge in the 2.0 era. Avanish Kaushik will also show you how the integration and analysis of assorted data can be used to make enlightened business decisions.

Listen to Avinash Kaushik

This conference will be presented in English.

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Program summary
Keynote :
  • Next Gen Web analytics

Conferences :

  • How can you measure the success of you Web services?
  • Tools for setting up your Web analytics program
  • VIA Rail and RDS: businesses that know how to make figures speak volumes